February 19, 2008

11 months and 100%....

We must have the same stylist.

Dig my shirt? Uncle Johnny had a Kawasaki -and a Yamaha. Mom says she has some crazy stories to tell me when I'm older about that. Something about that poor guy who came over to buy his YZ80 and when Uncle Johnny asked for "one more ride," well let's just say that guy went home without a YZ80.

February 11, 2008

Yo Xzibit - Check out this ride

Phat yellow wheels. Fuzzy pooh bear steering. Purple plastic bumper - all around. Tricked-out sound system in pooh's ear. This baby goes 0-2 with a 3.5 push. Ladies love when the hydraulics kick in and I just bounce -n- cruise across the playroom.
Bounce with me Bounce with me

February 7, 2008

Super win for Daddy!

In a bitter sweet victory, the Giants winning TD landed daddy smack in the winning grid box! Here's to your Giants Uncle Dub!!
Of course we rooted for the Giants.. come on they were playing the Pats! J-e-t-s in '09 baby!

I did not want to go to bed that night.. all the babies went to their respective cribs - but not T! I was the last baby standing! Noa's parents had a great party!