October 31, 2008

With you, may the force be..

Me - Yoda. It all makes perfect sense. He's 2 feet tall. I'm 2 feet tall. (give or take). He seems chill, but is remarkably speedy. Same here. Although compact, he's stronger than 30 wookies. I too, am stronger than many wookies. And we both jumble the sentence structure. For example, Yoda says: The dark side are they. Tanner says: Blues Clues I watch.

No one really knows whose taking the picture here, but that's Mikey, Maddy and Manny on their respective mommy's laps.

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October 24, 2008

It's ALIVE!!!

Elmo might need someone to tell him how to get to Sesame Street because somehow he wound up in my living room!
It's so great having him - he dances, tells stories, laughs and when he falls he says "can someone help Elmo up."
When you pick him up, he says "thank you." manners I tell you. Mom said he can stay.

October 19, 2008

The Path to Yale

I started school this week! I'm thinking of majoring in Play-Doh. Maybe a minor in 21st Century Blocks. This is my secret society club house. Think of it like a Skull and Bones for the under-2 elite.

look out ladies - I've got one foot in.

Mom is lovin' this

October 5, 2008

Pure Genius

Whoever thought of attaching a little red car to the front of a shopping cart deserves major recognition. I want to meet him - actually mom thinks it might be a her. Either way, I want to give her a kiss and tell her that because of her, and mom's arsenal of snacks, I love going to the supermarket!