September 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!

Thanks for tying the knot September 24th (2 years ago) because without you guys I wouldn't be here talking shop with my little bear. I like to tell him my plans for the future. He is a great listener. I do smack him a lot - it's fun and he doesn't mind. Hey look I'm sitting up by myself!

Critics applaud the Fall premier: CSI White Plains

Forget Las Vegas, Miami and New York – the final installment of Bruckheimer’s CSI franchise set in the emerging city of White Plains is being praised: the hottest show this season!

Stripped from the headlines, the pilot episode titled: Now you see it; Now you don’t uncovered the mystery of the infamous Westchester baby’s so called “first tooth”.

Flashback June 2007 where a mom publicly claims a tiny white spec was seen surfacing her 3-month-old’s gums.

Jump cut to August - the cover of the NY Post reads: Mom caught in tooth tale – investigators find nothing but gum.

Was the infant’s mom fabricating the arrival of an early tooth? What was her motive? Conspiracy theorists set the blogoshpere ablaze. Can she ever prove her case with her only witness being the baby’s father?

A-list film star, Tanner R. Johnson makes his small screen debut as not only the pilot episode’s protagonist, but also the series main character TJ Looker, who leads an elite team of forensic investigation experts.

In a chilling quest for the truth, viewers are taken on a suspenseful ride of unexpected plot twists and turns. Camera angles never reveal TJ’s mouth until the last minute where the camera zooms in ever so slowly and TJ flashes his budding pearly whites.... or does he?

Tune in next week to see how baby TJ Looker takes over the department.

September 19, 2007

Gonna party like it's your half birthday

I turned 6 months today!

Mom and Dad got me this exersaucer. It rocks. I mean everywhere I look there is something to hit, shake, pull, eat, talk to and some things even sing back to me.

I had my 6 month Dr. visit today. I'm now 15 lbs 3 ozs (25th percentile) and 25 3/4 inches long (50th percentile) so I'm tall and thin -mom says "sweet" dad says "ha! it miiiight not last." I got the last of my shots! I was such a good boy too. I cried at first with that really cute cry face I make, but then I was my usual laughing, flirting, smiling self all day. Oh and my ear infection is all gone - poof -just like that!

September 16, 2007

I can say Haaaa Chooo

I got my first cold this week with an ear infection to boot. I'm sorry you got it too grandma. So Dr. Avvacato (yes that's her name) has me sleeping in my stroller all week. I don't mind it - I don't even have time to fuss because daddy has the quickest pacifier trigger on the East Coast. Speaking of dad, has anyone ever watched him watch the Jets on TV? I think he thinks the players hear him. He wasn't happy with a guy named Defense, but pretty impressed with"this Kellin Clemins".

Hey look... I'm already getting better.

Anyway, Happy Bithday Matty Moose (he's my cousin- turned 9 today!)

September 7, 2007

He's the Man!

Thanks for coming over today Manny.
We had so many laughs my belly still hurts. That joke you told about the rabbi, the priest and Dora the Explorer was a classic. I tried to tell it again later and it came out all jumbled. It sounded like "da da daa da", which my daddy loved.

I think my mom caught on to our plot to crack this crawling code when they're not looking.

So anyway.. Ya wanna come over for the Jets this Sunday?

September 4, 2007

Enough Jibba Jabba - there's a new T in town

First name: Mister Middle name: Period. Last name: T
I pity the fool who don't know my Uncle Robbie.

September 3, 2007

Montauk '07

We drove home from Montauk for the last time for a while today. Summer '07 rocked - my best summer yet (wink). It started out a little rough being just 2 months on Memorial Day and mom was really nervous. The whole pack n play thing threw me for a loop, but soon enough I stopped checking out the scenery every 3 hours and finally let mommy and daddy sleep - 10 hours - your welcome.
The first beach days I stayed snug in my bugaboo in my lil' tent. By 3 months I was sporting my wetsuit and lounging in a swimming pool. 4 months I was watching the sunset at the Montauket. And 5 months I'm ready for my board, well.. maybe not yet, but I did graduate to playing freely on my blanket on the beach.
And the friends I made..I never knew I had so many Aunts and Uncles.. .
I'll miss seeing Charlie, Olivia and Henry every weekend. We had some serious bonding in the 'under 5 club'. Thanks everyone for looking out for me and making me laugh - so much.
(all the pics are in the photo gallery to the left..)