July 29, 2008

Group Shot

This was the night of the big lobster bake on the beach. We had the best time. I had my first Smore! And it all made so much sense after I took a bite and made the sign language sign for "more" of those smores. Ahhh - that's where the name came from! Mommy's latest choice of words for yummy food is "deliciousness" And the whole night was full of it! I stayed up late to hang with my crew. It was so worth it.

Hangin' at the Montauket - what?

Did anyone see my towel?

Instruments are everywhere

The name of this place is called The Gig Shack. Today's special gig - TJ on the picnic table!

July 22, 2008

Mark my words

Some new things I say now:

More (I say it while I sign it)
Ah- mo = Elmo
Ah-Cado = avacato (my personal favorite food)
beebee = baby and blue bear
fffffff = fan
beeach = beach
Ahht = hot
kai = could i? (at least that's the latest translation guess)

And i'll repeat basically anything - mom's really impressed.

July 8, 2008

My weekend with Henry!

It's an annual thing.. Henry & I in Montauk together. This year was so much more fun than last year. We actually kinda play together. We clap. I eat the food off his highchair. We walk in circles listening to music while babbling in our secret language.

This is called Pulling off a pink shirt