December 5, 2016

The things you say

Tanner, You are nine and a half years old now and you just amaze me every day. My heart melts over you; the boy you are; the things you say. I need to start writing it down. I remembered this blog that I've basically abandoned since Facebook became the new normal. And while I do update Josie's blog to keep a journal of her progress, I should really make sure to capture so much more than just videos and photos of you. Today 12/5/2016 While we were leaving your guitar lesson you said, "Mommy, did I ever tell you you're the greatest. You pay for my guitar lessons and you got me to do this." We talked about how I just think that being able to pick up a guitar and play is such an incredible added bonus to living. It's so cool. You agreed and said, "I already can do it" Then you made a joke "Instead of saying Alexa, play Led Zeppelin, just say Tanner, play Led Zeppelin." (Alexa being our Amazon Echo, of course.) Then you said, "And Josie loves when I play. It makes her happy and I just want to make her happy." Melt. I love you Tanner. Every night when we lie in bed together and after I scratch your back for way too long ("scratch like grandma does"), you always say, "Goodnight mommy. I love you. I'll see you in the morning." At your parent/teacher conference the other day, your teacher made me cry! He said, "I've never said this to a parent in all my years of teaching, but I have never had a sweeter, more well-rounded child who just loves to learn in my class before." he basically told me you are the greatest kid he's ever known. I might have said, "I know! me too!" Melt.

August 6, 2009

Miss me?

We've been busy hitting the beach in Montauk this summer, sorry if you've been looking for some blog posts. Truth is - Facebook killed mommy's urge to blog. If you want to see millions of pics of me, or perhaps daddy singing with Donovan Frankenreiter in Montauk, you should really friend my mommy.
Anyway, I speak in full sentences now. I say things everyday that just blow my parents away. Like today Nonna pointed to a picture of a balloon and said "this is a circle Tanner" and I said: "well, actually that's an oval." I mean come-on! I know my shapes! And yes, I did use the word "actually" in that sentence.

Check out daddy in front of about 1000 people... Mommy was so proud!

October 31, 2008

With you, may the force be..

Me - Yoda. It all makes perfect sense. He's 2 feet tall. I'm 2 feet tall. (give or take). He seems chill, but is remarkably speedy. Same here. Although compact, he's stronger than 30 wookies. I too, am stronger than many wookies. And we both jumble the sentence structure. For example, Yoda says: The dark side are they. Tanner says: Blues Clues I watch.

No one really knows whose taking the picture here, but that's Mikey, Maddy and Manny on their respective mommy's laps.

check out all the pics: Halloween 2008

October 24, 2008

It's ALIVE!!!

Elmo might need someone to tell him how to get to Sesame Street because somehow he wound up in my living room!
It's so great having him - he dances, tells stories, laughs and when he falls he says "can someone help Elmo up."
When you pick him up, he says "thank you." manners I tell you. Mom said he can stay.

October 19, 2008

The Path to Yale

I started school this week! I'm thinking of majoring in Play-Doh. Maybe a minor in 21st Century Blocks. This is my secret society club house. Think of it like a Skull and Bones for the under-2 elite.

look out ladies - I've got one foot in.

Mom is lovin' this

October 5, 2008

Pure Genius

Whoever thought of attaching a little red car to the front of a shopping cart deserves major recognition. I want to meet him - actually mom thinks it might be a her. Either way, I want to give her a kiss and tell her that because of her, and mom's arsenal of snacks, I love going to the supermarket!

September 3, 2008

The House that Ruth Built

Daddy wanted to make sure I see the original Yankee Stadium -what better way than a Yankees Red Sox game? We won the game! I had my first dirty water dog, my first hot pretzel and my first and last diaper change in the gnarly women's bathroom!
This place was cool and all ..the history yadda yadda.. but I can't wait for the new stadium!

August 7, 2008

My cousin cracks me up

My Cousin Ilyssa, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bruce came to Montauk to spend the week with me. We had so much fun just chillin' on the beach, eating chicken fingers and discussing the Montauk Monster. Sounds like some serious viral marketing to me. Mom and Aunt Jenny had 2 cool celeb sightings - Cynthia Nixon was in their yoga class and Luke Wilson aka: the Godfather was at the bar. I am just waiting to see Elmo - that will be huge!

July 29, 2008

Group Shot

This was the night of the big lobster bake on the beach. We had the best time. I had my first Smore! And it all made so much sense after I took a bite and made the sign language sign for "more" of those smores. Ahhh - that's where the name came from! Mommy's latest choice of words for yummy food is "deliciousness" And the whole night was full of it! I stayed up late to hang with my crew. It was so worth it.

Hangin' at the Montauket - what?

Did anyone see my towel?