August 27, 2007

Bundle up .. It's August

Just last week mom had me down to my size 2 Swaddlers because it was too hot out and suddenly I'm in my first pair of jeans and a sweater. Who knows what brought on the quick cold spell, maybe hurricane Dean? maybe Rhianna's ubiquitous Umbrella (ella ella) is shaking up the atmosphere? Anyway, don't I look cute?

Sorry about the spit up stain on your sweater mom.

Fine Dining

I don't know what was going on. Mom sat me in this chair and put this soupy banana tasting milk in my mouth. I spit some out, swallowed some down, made confused faces and smiled when everyone around me was cheering and laughing like they were watching Eddie Murphy Raw for the first time. Every time the phone rang mom said "Tanner had his first food today! Rice cereal with bananas." Daddy says if I'm like him I'll really love this food thing. Chinese food is next.

August 21, 2007

Stay Tuned..

We're away all week in Montauk and mommy doesn't have a way to load up any of the trillion photos she's been taking of me, but stay tuned! There are lots of firsts for me this week: first cereal - big event! First time wearing a sweater and even my first pair of jeans.. You might wonder what's up with that gear in August? A random cold spell hit us, but it'll be short lived.. I'll be back in my board shorts tomorrow. I'm hanging with my new friend Olivia Rose Comella. She's so little at just 8 weeks and really cute.

Oh and I turned 5 months this week! What else is happening in the world this week? A-Rod hit his 40th HR for the season.. that's 500 something now (but is it enough for us to make the playoffs?). The mortgage meltdown rocks Wall Street (daddy's been calling it for months).
Leona Helmsley dies (mom tells me my grandpa had a meeting with her once). And K-fed looks like the angel in the custody battle for Brit's kids, but really..who gives a poop?

August 16, 2007

Sparks fly over Live Jazz

Tanner and his buds took in some funkadelic White Plains jazz down by the fountains tonight. Pudgy legs were kicking, little heads were bopping...
and I think the sparks were flying with baby Noa. YYYY

And then the dads got involved..

August 14, 2007

Just do what I do...

Tanner: Hey Henry, How do we get my mommy to stop photographing us?
Henry: Just do what I'm doing - cry!

Tanner: whhhaaa!
Henry: whhaaaa! works like a charm!

August 13, 2007

Tanner and nice?

Me and my buddy Henry are having so much fun.

Hey Henry, get back here!

Man that's a soft hood you've got there... lemme try it.

Tanner: yum! Henry: Ma!

Tanner: Nice, you got my dad to pull me off of you.
Henry: man!

Look Who's Talking:

August 9, 2007

dig the hat?

beach baby!

Tann and grandma laughing on the beach
Aunt Jenny, cousin Ilyssa and grandma Helen came to spend the week with us in Montauk. We had so much fun. Anytime you would get a little fussy, Ilyssa would cheer you up right away with her cheerleading cheers. One went: "fly like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. Do your best. Do your best. 1-2-3 " So as soon as you'd even pout we'd all start singing it.... no wonder you were laughing at us so much.

Golf Pro.. (some day)

Tanner and Daddy watching the British Open.
Daddy is already working on your swing.

What a pose!

9 weeks old here and what a ham! We love this picture of you on daddy's tummy.

And Baby makes three...

Welcome to the world Tanner. You arrived 10 minutes before midnight, which made mommy very happy because I wanted you to be born on March 19th, the same birthday as grandma Helen's Aunt Elie. March 19th was actually my due date. I'll never forget hearing "it's a boy!" and then daddy telling the dr. "his name is Tanner Richard Johnson." We fell in love with you instantly.