August 21, 2007

Stay Tuned..

We're away all week in Montauk and mommy doesn't have a way to load up any of the trillion photos she's been taking of me, but stay tuned! There are lots of firsts for me this week: first cereal - big event! First time wearing a sweater and even my first pair of jeans.. You might wonder what's up with that gear in August? A random cold spell hit us, but it'll be short lived.. I'll be back in my board shorts tomorrow. I'm hanging with my new friend Olivia Rose Comella. She's so little at just 8 weeks and really cute.

Oh and I turned 5 months this week! What else is happening in the world this week? A-Rod hit his 40th HR for the season.. that's 500 something now (but is it enough for us to make the playoffs?). The mortgage meltdown rocks Wall Street (daddy's been calling it for months).
Leona Helmsley dies (mom tells me my grandpa had a meeting with her once). And K-fed looks like the angel in the custody battle for Brit's kids, but really..who gives a poop?

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