December 5, 2016

The things you say

Tanner, You are nine and a half years old now and you just amaze me every day. My heart melts over you; the boy you are; the things you say. I need to start writing it down. I remembered this blog that I've basically abandoned since Facebook became the new normal. And while I do update Josie's blog to keep a journal of her progress, I should really make sure to capture so much more than just videos and photos of you. Today 12/5/2016 While we were leaving your guitar lesson you said, "Mommy, did I ever tell you you're the greatest. You pay for my guitar lessons and you got me to do this." We talked about how I just think that being able to pick up a guitar and play is such an incredible added bonus to living. It's so cool. You agreed and said, "I already can do it" Then you made a joke "Instead of saying Alexa, play Led Zeppelin, just say Tanner, play Led Zeppelin." (Alexa being our Amazon Echo, of course.) Then you said, "And Josie loves when I play. It makes her happy and I just want to make her happy." Melt. I love you Tanner. Every night when we lie in bed together and after I scratch your back for way too long ("scratch like grandma does"), you always say, "Goodnight mommy. I love you. I'll see you in the morning." At your parent/teacher conference the other day, your teacher made me cry! He said, "I've never said this to a parent in all my years of teaching, but I have never had a sweeter, more well-rounded child who just loves to learn in my class before." he basically told me you are the greatest kid he's ever known. I might have said, "I know! me too!" Melt.

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