September 26, 2007

Critics applaud the Fall premier: CSI White Plains

Forget Las Vegas, Miami and New York – the final installment of Bruckheimer’s CSI franchise set in the emerging city of White Plains is being praised: the hottest show this season!

Stripped from the headlines, the pilot episode titled: Now you see it; Now you don’t uncovered the mystery of the infamous Westchester baby’s so called “first tooth”.

Flashback June 2007 where a mom publicly claims a tiny white spec was seen surfacing her 3-month-old’s gums.

Jump cut to August - the cover of the NY Post reads: Mom caught in tooth tale – investigators find nothing but gum.

Was the infant’s mom fabricating the arrival of an early tooth? What was her motive? Conspiracy theorists set the blogoshpere ablaze. Can she ever prove her case with her only witness being the baby’s father?

A-list film star, Tanner R. Johnson makes his small screen debut as not only the pilot episode’s protagonist, but also the series main character TJ Looker, who leads an elite team of forensic investigation experts.

In a chilling quest for the truth, viewers are taken on a suspenseful ride of unexpected plot twists and turns. Camera angles never reveal TJ’s mouth until the last minute where the camera zooms in ever so slowly and TJ flashes his budding pearly whites.... or does he?

Tune in next week to see how baby TJ Looker takes over the department.

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