November 6, 2007

Mann oh Mann!!

I had some weekend! My Aunt Jenny came to New York to run the Marathon. She's an incredible runner. This was her 12th marathon!! SO I got to hang out with my 3 cousins (The Mann Family); Reuben, Matthew (the one w/ that crazy hair) and Ilyssa. We all played at baby Riley's house in Chappaqua. No Bill or Hill sighting unfortunately.

My Uncle Bruce likes playing this game where we touch foreheads and laugh.
I hope he doesn't do that with his patients, but then again they say laughter is the best medicine -maybe that's what he does to make them better. Hmm I can totally be a dr. one day too..

You can see all the pictures of my day with the Manns and Grandma here. There are also two shots of the amazing view from our apartment. The sky was all shades of orange.

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