November 11, 2007

Mom's bedtime book

I'm reading my mom a bedtime book. We take turns. I try and get her to taste the pages with me, but she says she's saving her appetite for her skinny cows. Oprah's even on the skinny cow kick now. We started to go to story time at Barnes and Noble where this man who looks like Chris Elliot, remember that old sitcom 'Get a life'. Anyone? Well, you know him from 'Something About Mary', anyway he reads to us and he sings and let's us yell out animal sounds. I'm not quite there yet, but I laugh when the moms start chirping and oinking. Good stuff.

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Lee said...

Jordan and Josh always loved "Goodnight Moon." I still try to read it to Jordan but he just gets in his car and drives away. Ya think he's too old? Nah!!!